A firm created anew

We are a boutique legal and economic firm in the Bajio Zone, with a strong presence in Mexico City. Among our clients are successful entrepreneurs, transnational CEO’s, angel investors and the most famous and talented Mexican actor of this decade.

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Our services
Our array of services includes all the usual areas of a law firm, along our new division of economic consulting. All of this services can be summarized in the following three categories.
Legal Procedures

With our team of associates and paralegals, our firm is well known for neat and diligent administrative and courts procedures of all types.

Legal Counsel

Our partners participate daily in all types of legal counseling. From complex tax strategies, to incorporation of companies or housing development.

Economic Consulting

Our newest division is bridging the gap between legal and economic knowledge. We aim to provide intelligence for our clients decision making.


Let's start your new project

It's all about finding sinergy and creating value for you

Our first step is always to meet or have a call to discuss your projects or legal issues you need help with. We love meeting new potential clients and we never bill for the first few introduction meetings.
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We are more than a legal firm

We want to be council for you, not just lawyers.

In time we like to develop a deep relationship with our clients projects, creating value for their daily decision making. After signing our engagement letter, we hope to become a quick tool for the legal and economical information needed by our clients.
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It's about winning

Realistic and in-depth legal and economical opinions

Over the years we've realized there are many wrong views about how Mexican Law works. Clients get surprised when we tell them some of the potential bad consequences of some of the standard practices in their transactions. We aim to provide realistic information about the Mexican legal reality, so that combined with properly drafted legal instruments we can decrease or eliminate any potential liability.
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National focus with local roots.

Based in San Miguel de Allende, we are committed to our clients projects all around Mexico.

If we have learned anything from the COVID contingency, is that geographical limitations need to be overthrown. With the new digital systems implemented in the Federal Court System and many of the State Court Systems, along with a change into web conference to keep sanitary measures and safe distance in place, our firm focus has changed from only serving Bajio Zone and Mexico City, to take on legal controversies anywhere in the country.

Our base in San Miguel de Allende allows us to keep close contact with one of the most exciting business hubs in Mexico, the Bajio Zone, and still be at good reach from Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.  San Miguel is also a very exciting city to make business, with world class hotels and restaurants, as well as fantastic leisure activities.

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